Burning inside as the rage to have her yearns
As ever the heat of her blood doth not spurns
Like the flesh to feel within her body softened
By the blows of this whip for the conditioned

As is her wet thighs remain to the taste of pain
The copper within a kiss of a submissive distain
As the gasp of exhalation expressed to confide
Ever enticed by the need for the hardness inside

When curves are traced by metal ringed fingers
Sucked between lips of crimson lust that lingers
As the heart beat quickens to expectations of sin
But returned in a sting of punishment in a grin

Animalistic raging to have her too soon blurs
The sense for that of love and pain soon stirs
Into this blinding heat and inflection to mate
The side of no pride society has come to hate

As she is so much mine to take in this control
To be taking her to the edge in a step to fall
And pulling her back just as the fear sets in
Then kiss the sweat of anticipation so within

And complete this sincere denial of freedom
In chains and links enough to make her cum
As a master breathes new life within the soul
And reaches the point to now make her whole

Listening now enticed to every forsaken breath
To the point of desperation so before her death
A final limit met and adjusted to now survive
Masters release is conjured for her every strive

As the completion of her being is founded here
Upon the chair tied and to the summit of her fear
As I tasted her from my fingers once inside deep
Tracing the line of her soul and pleasures steep

A corporal meaning sounded by her every whim
Imprisoned by each and every command in trim
Be disciplined to obey each command mustered
And exercised thoroughly in practice so mastered

by Vision Ghost

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