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Master Of Destiny

I am the master of my destiny
The captain of my ship
Sailing the oceans and the sea
My fortune and providence is my trip.

I go where I must sail
I take the journey that I need
Chance and luck she is on my trail
My fate and fortune is where I lead.

My arms they are sore and tired
From the journeys I have taken
But I will not give up until my dreams are acquired
As my thoughts and dreams slowly awaken.

I have opened all of my bags
To remember the roads that I have traveled
I find my maps of lines and flags
As I remember the roads paved and graveled.

I am the master of my own destiny
I am the redeemer of my fate
My predestination, I am its trustee
I open my own doors, and drawers, and gate.

I live my life as I have decided
And I ask no one to follow me
What I have in life I have provided
As I am the master of my own destiny.

Randy L. McClave

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