Master Of You

A master right from the start
Should own your soul your body your heart
The keeper of your key of lust
In him you should only trust
Using hands both practiced and skilled
Knowing when he touches you soon you will be thrilled
The soft touch of the mouth left until the end
Knowing when used over the top it will send
Odd little tap or a nip drives you insane
Your nectar will flow like pouring rain
Holding your collar giving you a command
So ready and willing all this you can stand
Wanting more each time you play
But yes master is all you are permitted to say! ! ! ! ! ! ! .

Master leads you by the hands
To the secured wooden stands
Binding with skill hands and feet
Touching your body he feels the heat
You are spread open wide
No time for fear no time for pride
You know you will take what is given with passion
Always wanting more he increases your ration
The first tender tap to a waiting breast
Your mind screams come on I want the rest
Master plays such an erotic game
Lots of feeling with limited pain
Small red marks start to appear
You enjoy this you have no fear
Then come the toys to drive you insane
A couple of light lashes you enjoy the pain
Your body shakes with each swing of the crop
Master turns away o why did he stop
You open your mouth and beg for more
He turns back with disbelief as you look to the floor
Lifting your head with a hand full of hair
With tears in your eyes all you do is stare
Saying “you did not learn you should not speak”
He thought you strong were you so weak

by Dennis Walker

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you are beastly, it shows in your poetry.