Master Patanjali Yoga No.30

Poem By Yogi Sally Ann Slight

Harmony will set you free,
disturbances bring you pain,
Ambition brings no Peace to Earth,
and worry is no gain.

To Self-Assert yourself today,
will bring you agony,
and to say you will...
and then you wont is,

You suppress yourself once again,
You fail to let God shine,
and that illness that you 'think' you have,
is Fear...and that is mine!

I'm scared of being lonely,
I scared that I might fail,
I'm scared of being crucified,
or ending up in jail.

So what is my prescription,
what am I to do?
to clear me of my agony,
Aum my Master, I LOVE You.

I Benevolently bow to thee,
I'm impartial to all thought,
I'm upright, clean and unperturbed,
and that's the way I'm taught.

I focus on the 'Breath of God',
or I will go and clean the loo,
for only strenuous activity,
will bring God's Love to you.

So worry not about your pain,
and it will go away,
it's only YOU who let it in,
so you can tell it 'GO AWAY'.

Non-Believers bring with them,
their demons who will cling,
so if you answer to their call,
it's only Love that sings!

Stay in 'Good' company,
God has shown you where,
and always let the Love of Christ,
be with you when you care.

Your agony is mental,
Astral disturbance's are fear,
ill health is all Etheric,
so your pain becomes dear!

So mentally know of Jesus,
always hold Him near,
and don't let those etheric ghosties,
bring you pain whilst you're down here.

However much they phone you,
or text, or send emails,
just know they are not Jesus,
and will be your coffin nails.

You have much greater work to do,
now go and get Explained,
and Jesus will bring you back to ME,
when YOU have been House trained.

Yes, breath in very deeply,
it will combat all your stress,
for when it comes to learning,
remember... Moore is Less!

Thank You, Jesus

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