Master Pieces

u say I repeat myself
you say i repeat myself
but maybe I just repeated you

some day
“some day”
we’ll look back on this conversation and sigh
and say….

you might have just misheard me
i'm not a broken record
we're copies of copies
we're 1mperfect beings
copied and past3d and we need editing

i heard your voice or maybe an echo
i heard your words, i think on the radio
in between
the intermittent static
it made my heart skip in my chest
like a scratched scratched record

who we are
who we've become
are people
who don't
know who we are

i want to believe

we are

broadcasted out on waves
caught in the net
hidding in hidden tracks

but this is not the end

you remind me of the girl on tv
i see you in black and white
i dream of you like i dream of genie

and your show ended and we grew up
we had lovely children
and we finally retired

you had a makeover
a redo a remake a remix
you'll copy yourself and tomorrow
you'll be retro
and you'll be canceled and deleted
and sold out
i'll change the channels
like a cycle of violence starting over again

i think i've lost my place here
I think i've lost myself
lost out on myself
sold out my story rights
to a crafty biographer
and t0 a historical fiction guy
who's taken all my records
and writings
my mementos and mem0ries
there's ev3n talk of them making a big hollywood movie
and a rpg loosely based on the movie
my own fancy internet site
and an actual reality show based on my life
showing at prime time
but i can’t tell time
nor even talk to it

this is not “the beginning
of a beautiful relationship”

by Justin Tang

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One word for this poem- Fantastic