(July 7th 1988 / Lima, Ohio)


In this world there really is no end.
All we can do is try to bend,
our will to the masters grand design.
He will take what was originally mine.
Hush little baby don't say a word,
your just another member of this herd.
Our time grows bleak as the shadows approach,
this is the end I'll be squashed like a roach.
Into the night I flee,
knowing its only a matter of time before they reach me.
I trip..stumble and fall,
crashing right into that wall.
The footsteps grow faster,
I know it can only be the Master.
I won't be his puppet any longer,
time goes on and I grow stronger.
Rain drops fall from the sky,
clouding his vision...allowing me to fly.
This is my only chance, can I escape this horrible dance?
A shot rings out through the air,
and I know who is there.
A sudden force, faster than a horse, pierces my skin,
and hollows its way in.
Everything goes black,
why didn't I just take his flak?
My eyes tear and grow wide, this is the end...I couldn't hide.
-Dying Romantic 2: 59 am July 27th

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