With blood as my ink, You will be my masterpiece.
I promise not to hurt you, and to you I promise no decease
Your skin is like the clay
With which the little children play
I promise you will see, again the light of the day

I will fashion your teeth to fangs, and use them to pierce your tongue
In your mouth I stuff a rag, and with water I fill your lungs
Your fingers are so pretty
And breaking them is a pity
But I promise you will see that I dont care how hard you bite me

I saw you and your beauty
And I had to take it away
And now your the rag doll,
The one you want to portray
I take from you the outside
So appreciate what i've left you
Or I can go inside, and take that from you too

Your life was pure misery
or so you make it seem to me
Scream until your voice gives out
Then I can take that from you too,

by Electric Tripp

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