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Masterpiece - Under Design
LG (6/12 / Southern Califonia)

Masterpiece - Under Design

A Masterpiece currently...Under Design by the Divine One Himself.
He takes his time to construct delicately
To make sure all the details are inlined.

She sits, constantly frustrated, at the amount of time to,
Deconstruct effectively.
Being taken apart piece by piece emotion and feeling so miserably
She prays for understanding and he speaks to her in her sleep.
He says forcefully but loving to where she's filled with joy beaming!
His brightness inside 'Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your
Plans will succeed...Remember I guide you, in the ways of wisdom and
Lead you along straight paths, when you walk, your steps will not be
Hampered; when you run, you will not stumble...My child I love thee and
I defend thee...Be still and know I am God, my love is eternal Everlasting!

She thinks to herself a little a remorseful...just at the emotion
At the feeling of being helpless yet Filled with joyous anticipation
In search of the quest and her Fathers love.
She doesn't want to let him down but sometimes she fails
Reminding her she is still flesh...'Fill me Holy Spirit...indwell inside of
Me' that is her constant prayer...'Fill me to capacity not leaving me

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Comments (4)

Very deep poem I, m not big on repeating what the poet said but more so the feelings which vibrate in this piece, amen +++++10 regards
but i can see here that you wrote it good
A very thoughtful piece, you have a keen sense for subtleties.you have perfectly captured the relationship between the painter and the subject, how the subject feels deconstructed in the process of reconstruction, getting edgy, impatient as a kid who's been asked to sit steady...who doesn't understand the larger purpose at the begining.yet after the divine intervention she's guided to the right path and enlightened she wants to be filled completely with the light.....this poem is universal, divine, stimulating and smooth...a true Magnum Opus of a great artist...
Written well. An enlightening read. Thank you for sharing. -Rick