The Singing Stars

A dreaming song in winter night,
What a beauteous love so long
That slept astray my inward sight,
On a fluttering tongue,
To what might i gaze,
When in slumber i seek grace,
That this dreams of mine,
Illumine in pending while.
Fluffy sheets on dreamless night,
All is beauty on lasting white,
Smiling on throbbing glee,
To what might sweet a honey bee,
Shudders of shiver,
By my dancing thighs endanger,
In a moment of souring measure,
Forsaking our wandering pleasure
For all that we might conquer,
As the singing stars jazz funky,
Through all ears that slumber,
Whirling brass oozing in thrilling boogie,
Allowing wings of lingering faith
Dance to tunes of radiant Kate,
From her blissful eyes to her crafty smile,
Acquainted to my dreamy night,
With haze of might,
Trembling on crafting day,
And all it may,
For this joy we pray
That we be not prey.
In this night of praise.

by Folayemi Akande

Comments (3)

love such an amazing thing even death cannot forget the love Though exageration it is beautiful.
Beautiful. I like it very much!
Indeed its a Masterpiece I wish love could be so pure and simple..No its the people who are in love do not abide with the ethics of love..sadly not all the end of the day someday gets hurt in the name of love