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KC (September 26,1988 / Orillia, Ontario, Canada)


Our time apart is a lonesome woe
But my love is strong and my heart it longs for that day in which we’ll grow
A state of mind becomes my guide so that I can clearly see what will someday be
A perfect love that purifies this dimmed time and rectifies my hope
The thought of you pacifies the plight that I suffer day and night
My only goal is to overlook this gap in the relationship that is ours
No matter the obstacles, the troubles, or the time that it devours
This piece of string that may be cut will weave into rope
Then everyday my mind will swell and fill with hope
Our time we share is sadly fair but won’t always be that way
I seek the day we have no limit to the love we may convey
My heart, my mind, my body, and soul, all will someday rest cold
But the source that keeps my love so strong, will still be as pure as solid gold
This is my ode to you my love the creation that will never cease
For I am willing to give it all to have you as my very own masterpiece…

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Comments (3)

love such an amazing thing even death cannot forget the love Though exageration it is beautiful.
Beautiful. I like it very much!
Indeed its a Masterpiece I wish love could be so pure and simple..No its the people who are in love do not abide with the ethics of love..sadly not all do...at the end of the day someday gets hurt in the name of love