(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

Yoga 2 - Sage Patanjali - The Grand Master Of Yoga

My revered salutations to you!
O! Sage Patanjali!
My palms joined together in
My head bowed down before you!
My salutations! Again and again!

I envisage your magnificent form!
A beautiful face sparkling like a brilliant Sun,
A brilliant head like an illumined crown,
Hair lustrous like a beehive queen,
Healing forehead shining like a moon,
Brows brimming with compassion,
Beautiful eyes like a red rose of passion,
Ears shaped like the sacred ‘bilva' leaves,
Elegant nose so majestic and regal,
Rosy cheeks like a pink lotus,
Radiant chin so firm and strong!

An amazing birth
Acclaimed as ‘Patanjali'!
Pious young Gonika,
Praying ardently for a brilliant son,
Her hands held in ‘Anjali',
Her heart nurturing a secret desire,
To become the mother of an astounding Yogi!

As Gonika bathed in the river,
Looking up to ‘Surya'- the Sun God,
Seeking his intervention to fulfill her wishes,
Sincere prayers that lighted up the heavens!
The Sun-God mighty pleased
With Gonika's persistent devotion
Dropped a tiny snake into her open palms -
With astonishing speed,
The snake transformed and assumed,
The form of a beautiful baby boy!
The little boy - an incarnation of Ananta Sesha!

Ananta Sesha
A wise and resplendent serpent -
Bed and seat of the glorious Lord Vishnu,
Protector of this world,
Reclining in deep slumber!
For the chaste mother Gonika,
A dream come true!

Gonika recognised her son
As an invaluable jewel
To bestow the world with
Incredible wealth of learning!
To live with lofty thoughts,
To make life an exquisite piece of art,
An unmatched master of intricate
Techniques of the human mind!
An elastic body so supple that could
Turn, twist, bend and fold to any posture!
Patanjali became the undisputed emperor of Yoga!

The greatest philosopher ever,
The creator of Ashtanga Marga Yoga,
A great philosopher ever,
An awe-inspiring psychosomatic-psychoanalyst,
The scanner of the innermost layers of
The complex human mind with pin-pointed accuracy!
Yoga Sutras -The aphorisms! with profound meaning
Powerful words - precise and concise,
Profound and intense!
An expert in Sanskrit grammar and,
Ayurveda-the science and secret of good health and joy!

O! Sage Patanjali!
Wonder of wonders,
The Grand Master of Yoga
Wisdom incarnate!
You are a Seer shrouded in mystery,
Yet, I have a secret vision of you,
So crystal clear and spell binding!

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Comments (5)

Excellent use of s and c words. I can hear the slicing and the chipping or the bone. Full of images to satisfy the senses. I like the contrast between the roar and the silence.
Oh yeah...this is a treasure! Two bands of hunters separated by 'Clovis years'. One band leaving the point, the other retrieving it. Hunters all the same. You do this type of writing so well indeed! ! Clovis points are so beautiful, almost delicate...too bad the knapper couldn't have signed his work! Excellent! ! ! xxElysabeth
Unfamiliar with the subject matter. however, this was engrossing and amazing. How do you write it so well - transcribe it to the reader intoxicatingly: narratively, poetically. best care, sjg
Vivid write and a lovely parallel with the hunt of modern archeologists in the final stanza. -chuck
This is outstanding. I am not familiar with the subject and it is great that you dont have explanations cluttering up the page. Get the buggers to work, I say. I will get to familiarise my self. There is a wonderful sectioning off of the narration and a strong, almost religious, feel to the piece as a whole. I read this a few times and felt it to be a fine inspirational piece each time.