In old days parents were matchmakers
Or the aunts, or uncles, or neighbours
For the love in their hearts did the best.

They knew girl's mother; her aged shape
They knew her father; his needs, wealth.

But today everything is on line, virtual
Parents are internet; turned keyboards.

A look at an image photo-shopped
Then is turn for mailing or the text
Where to meet for coffee is a date.

At the door you see her in the chair:
"What the hell! I chose a piece of shit! "
Or reverse, about you she may say.

Therefore I admit that I love old history
I regret that we lost old trend; apology.
Never say: "Don't want your policy."

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Not exactly the most progressive view I've ever heard of... To each their own I suppose. I know I wouldn't want my parents picking who I can and can't date