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Material Boy Approaching The Crib

Bob Lee's great line deserves an encore:
'Materialism is the philosophy that has captured the 20th century
with out firing a shot.'

My daughter of eight thinks the material quite sublime prefering
Disney in pink. My wife more discerning,
I struggle with my demons too.

The demon says it must have more.
'Feed me this pitance if you will and then you can have peace.'
It changes and morphs, sings and screams and plays a 1,000
tricks to keep its silent hold upon my soul.
Clever beyond my words to catch, it can not hide
the hunger of its bottomline that always asks for more.

Perhaps Nancy has given something of the antidote against
another, much more agreed upon, poison.
Cheerfully remembering want is not need
and what you truly seek is beyond the mechanics of money
the purchase of a deeper self.

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