WM (24 oct 48 / n.j.(usa))

Material World

Feral minds grope blind for light,
avaricious constrictions in delusional flight;
know not honor, but numbing deceit,
with false gods laurels grandly replete.

Implacable heart frozen, sightless eyes colder still -
The selling of soul. The surrender of will...
to navigate the maze
in compressed hollow days,
and feast gluttonous with every cruel kill.

So abrupt from expenditures to awaken,
naked... awash in pools of remorse and dread,
to find nothing given, only the grand tally taken;
of a distant dream, unreachable, irretrievably dead.

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I often wondered why we think so often in opposites. I think you have supplied me with the answer: We can find so many examples of each. I have been reading poems by Richard Wilbur who has quite a few of 'opposite' poems which are interesting and amusing. Here is a shorter one: What is the opposite of road? I'd say the answer is abode. 'What's an abode? ' you ask, I'd say It's ground that doesn't lead away - Some patch of earth where you abide Because it makes you satisfied. Abodes don't take you anwhere, Because you are already there.
Oh wow, what a thought-provoking stunner, in a perfectly flowing presented piece. Erudite and engaging, in a dark (whcih is good!) way. Of course, the experience of remorse if perhaps a saving grace...for the observer, anyway. t x
A highly concentrated poem of real power on the modern disease, replete with vowel and consonant as well as standard rhymes, and a mercury smooth metre. Brilliant in form and content. I do wonder though if some of these people will have enough latent character to experience remorse somewhere down the road.
Truly, the pursuit of self-satisfaction at the expense of our fellows leaves us empty monsters grinding away on the downward spiral. I enjoyed your application of multiple rhyme schemes here.
Truly, the material world. While reading, I got the impression it was a snake you were also alluding to. That, indeed, is a parallel that I, as a reader can make. Many interpretations to this work. Intrigueing, curious...a flippin challenge is what it is! Good! ! xxElysabeth
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