One wept whose only child was dead,
New-born, ten years ago.
"Weep not; he is in bliss," they said.
She answered, "Even so,

by Alice Meynell Click to read full poem

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motherly love alive forever for her child even the lost child!
One of the best poems I've read in recent times! 10/10. A mother was born in pain. The poetess felt that pain. This poem is the outcome. Dead children are never forlorn, to a 'mother'.
One knows how deep the pain of death and loss must be.
New born! ! ! Pain, Death. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Touching, sensitive portrayal!
A very touching life song depicting the intensity of grief of the mother who had lost her new born baby ten years ago. Well deserved classic poem of the Day.
A very touching poem Alice. Well deserved commendation.
This poem is on sadness gives the readers impressive thoughts. It justified to be chosen as the poem of the day.
She never knows motherhood if the child was never born. Motherhood, an easy word, but precious to bear and a pride to have got this predicate. True delicate, but it be so. She is a poetess of thought provoking poems. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen as The Classic Poem Of The Day, dear family of Alice Meynell. I love this poem so much.
A true sad poem, the saddest poem ever, since: do YOU KNOW HOW it feels to have been born a child, not alive but dead? I don´t know, but I feel the great sadness after having read the poem only ONCE. WHY? Because I have birthed three babies and all healthy and alive and she..? Only one child birthed and dead. IF the chilf though dead, was never born then a mother in her was never born too. Smartest thoughts and smartest worded.
maternity motherly love cares years after years for child.....................// great
One of the best poems by Alice Meynell...........
rated the great 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
not now forlorn.........a mother was born." motherly love for ten years great