Math Is Poetry

For me poetry is math
And math is poetry.
For mystery lies in math
And poetry leads to mystery.

I find a factor tree as beautiful
As the Champak in my courtyard.
The alligation mixture simply blows
My mind as a metaphor or a ballad.

Geometry has modified
My experience as a poet
As shapes have come into my poetry
And poetic lines in my teaching of math.

Math is a game of numbers
And poetry that of words
Equations are nothing but metaphors
Images are probabilities of playing cards.

A poet says one thing, but
A reader thinks more.
As a circle on the blackboard
Is a zero to one and world to another.

by Prasanta Kumar Mahapatra

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Comments (3)

Simple and very eocative poem.
Thank you Dheeraj and Robert. Happy new year.
Maths is something where you may get bore. Poetry is that thing where your wit grows more. Nice theme.