Mathematically Intelligent...

What have I done all these years,
Counting the numbers down and up,
The number of push up at every thrust,
Radium laced hands showed me the dots.

I must know the numbers to communicate,
Shuffle it with my miniscule brain to dart,
What is punctured is not my concerned interest,
The numbers I nourish with my sweat always sweet.

Numbers have made me humbler many times,
Numbers have made me richer once and for all,
Numbers have made me matured with passing of hints,
Numbers have made me smarter with the violent handshake.

Numbers can identify me easily rolling the pin,
Numbers can satisfy me instantly holding the present,
Numbers are real and can feed every mouth with pain,
Numbers not known to someone never to gain.

by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Comments (3)

This is great! Numbers are what we relate with daily. Thanks for sharing
yes, the numbers are abstract. When the numbers have tried to rule the emotions, our life has changed dramatically to accommodate the mathematics that has been stuffed into our life without our knowledge...For example with out 0 and 1, we wouldn't have developed this much telecommunication wise just like that we and ours are numbered in most of the fields adding additional factors as you, jasbir Chatterfee, have mentioned here..A normal person should be mathematically intelligent not be the master of mathematics to lead a happy and healthy life such as knowing their heart rate, counting the numbers of pecks and cigarettes, why our legs are suddenly getting numb and many more. Totally our life is riddled with many kinds of numbers...
It's a nice poem...But Mathematics is not all about numbers...It's a lot more complex subject involving a lot of abstract theories and trying to make things fall into some kind of symmetrical theory leads to another and that's how we build up things in Mathematics...