Poem By Therese Pace

like your ancestors before you,
obsequious come to me,
your root, for inspiration.

My profile says I am dame chubbiness
no cutback, no bridle, no rubber,
fat goddess of the Temple
of fecund timelessness
of wide Cycladic hips,
enormous bosom.
Legend. Matriarch.

Beyond the centuries
I reared humanity to exuberance
on milk and honey,
kinship and resilience,
the early morning rays
reverent, servile, entering the door
to kiss my feet in homage.

This atavistic journey that I started
-and Meskhenet endorsed-
somewhere between then and now
from a cluster of sown stars
milky white as pearls,
has landed me here, in heraldry.

Much have I acquired. Lost.
Much have I bestowed from my quagmire:
blood, spirit, continuity-a thread
passed on in honour of material.

Jealous, trends and elements
are after my longevity.
Anxious, I watch you from afar
freaks, stumps, skeletons
resigned to an age of monologues.
Come. My belly holds the secret
of survival, yours, the duty towards life.

Comments about Matriarch

Beautiful methodological piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned in poetic diction with conviction. An inspiring urban legend that leaves the reader with an enigma to ponder. Thanks for sharing Therese. Please read my poem COLOSSAL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE.

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