Matryoshka - All Poems-Listen Dear

Poem By Gencay

Put death on my table before you do..

Now I'm walking on the bare road
Even though the road is always empty, full
Truth is such a silly thing
But dream and drunkenness are real and truly beautiful..

The old men opened the old songs
Tables set up, drinks offered
After a chat or two, today is over like every day
I thought of you again in the middle of the night...

The song of the blowing winds
Like the bitter morning of a winter
The furthest place, my eyes dive
Don't you know hazel eyes
Was for loving you
The creation of this soul...

They ask me about you
Is that what I say?
It's such a thing
As if peace, like bird chirping..

Red clouds came yesterday
It rained silence yesterday
It turns out that a thousand years ago
Yesterday I said I still love you...

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