Matryoshka - All Poems-Pray To Good

Poem By Gencay

Pray to god

You are far from thoughts
And it is as close as thought takes action.
It's like you're right beside me
Next to me and invisible.

Souls, bodies and feelings
These are insufficient to understand you.
Ayy don't condemn us to indecision
god who made the decision
Save us from causes, how and ends.

When you turn our head to the sky and decorate the sky-
When you look at those precious and serious jewelery
You make us dizzy.

Our heads have been spinning for a million years
Save us from us, close to yourself.
Light, nature, sound and vision - make you forget all of them
Forgive me to you, you to us.

O great sultan,
We are ready to be your slaves
And your eternal love...

No lover left apart
There is not so much longing for each other
As those who think are left to you.
Which mother is after her dead son
he cried so much
Fear of not seeing him again
and in your pain, for your sake-
Every moment, with our words, with our eyes,
As we have with our thoughts?

Ayy mysterious sultan,
These poems, these articles were written for you
These burnt folk songs were sung for you
So many pictures, so much science
Tons of tears flowing from the eyes
and endless prayers, prayers
All, it was all for you..

We are not afraid of the violence you may inflict,
We are afraid of the eternal silence without you.
Give this poor poet a voice, give this wretched meaning
This prayer to you, those who have been looking for you for thousands of years
He was the main summary of what he wrote, drew and said.

Accept my prayer, my prayer and smile,
This absence turns into being...

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so do good pray god do love pray lord
Great poem of reverence to our Maker. Pray pray pray people pray

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