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Matt And Mello
SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

Matt And Mello

Poem By sandra geisell

as i stand by this chair
i cant help but marvel at
his beautiful blonde hair
waving side to side
as he not ever bothering
to hide as everyone
happens to stare.

i look back to see him standing
there staring by a chair
how could this be im out here and
hes not next to me.

i turn as he walks over
to stand beside me
a smile apon his face the picture
af inoccents and beauty
and he says knowing my answer
will be yes'Matt come dance with me'

he's out here dacing with me
his red hair truly a site to see
his eyes so intent so
beautiful they seem to be
my love my life please never leave me

im dancing but in a daze
as i try not to stand still paralized
as i gaze into his beautifu blue eyes
there almost as beautiful as these
awesome skys

he's here really standing by me
how could this ever happen
how could this be
that something so good could
ever happen to me
'hes my love my life my Matt'

we're danceing here
and finally its come clear to see
that i could never leave
hes my love my life
and i would do any thing
over come any strife to be with
he 'my love my life my Mello'

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