We walk and talk,
and say just friends,
but secretly you think of me.
I must confess,
you pass my test,
you're perfectly perfect for me.

Afraid to say,
what must be said,
afraid to let you know.
Just what i think and feel for you,
afraid to let it show.

They say you feel the same for me.
I must admit i hope its true.
I dream of being in your arms,
I dream of a life with you.

I love you darling,
I love you so.
I love you more than you'll ever know.

Fate brought us together,
nothing can make us end.

This is to my darling, my best friend.

by Krystle Newberry

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I get the first autograph before anyone else! that poem was too good.....
simply amazing poem, Krystle. I couldn't have said it better if my life depended on it. this is great. admiringly, Ja/\/\e$