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Matters Of Love
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Matters Of Love

This story is not about dragons, princes, or fairies
It’s not about dwarves, orcs, or life preserving berries
It’s not about fantasy, adventure, or make believe land
It’s about heart-ache, misfortune, and the slip of the hand

Is a sad story yes that’s true
But what do you know its not happening to you
The struggle of life hardly anyone can say
That when it passes by it’s just another day
This story is about all people who
Nobody can say that they really knew

All was nice and was a popular bunch
But nobody knew it was all just a hunch
The smile they wore just everyday
Would just as soon fade away

The home life was just a miracle, maybe
To people thinking that it was just all crazy
They knew nothing of how the order went
Of just the little time that they spent

But enough of the home life what about school
Some had to go but they weren't any fool
The smile and laughter was just put in place
Of the lies held deep within their face

But this story is about a girl, not really a boy
Whose face hardly contained any joy
Nobody could tell by just looking at her
Naw, nobody knew something was the matter
I mean who would, nobody tried
To get to know the one who they thought never cried

Sure, they knew her birthday and age
And maybe, just maybe she had a little rage
She had three older brothers
A loving dad and a gentle mother
She loved sports; soccer for sure
But did they know that she needed a cure?

Did they know that she needed desperate help?
Just someone to think about more than their self?
Till on day a boy could see behind the mask
But could he tackle such one big task?
He wanted to help, but in what way?
He didn't know what to do what to say

Finally he said I'm here if you need me
So the girl thought I know he can see
He can see the real me, not the show I put on
He can see me when everyone else is gone
Finally I might have someone hear
Who really don't know what to do; but don't fear

So the girl found someone, someone who was true
And she didn't care for him to see her blue
Everybody said she was no good and rotten
But had everybody really forgotten?
In the past years she had so much joy
It was like everyday she got to open a new toy

But that’s what people do when their not sure or scared
When they see someone whose secrets use to be shared
Turned the wrong corner and was down the wrong street
Who could hardly find love; find her own heart beat
They want to go over and share old times
For they knew that this girl use to shine

But what would people think, or worse, what would they say
They wouldn't think that it was good or even ok
The people thought about their reputation the most
So they didn't even see that this girl was about to be a ghost

Don’t quit reading right yet, for there’s more
Didn't you know that there’s more beyond the door
I know your sitting there thinking that’s enough
How can one's life be so rough?
I can't handle this, it’s just so cruel
How can one much fire hold so much fuel?
But you have to listen because indeed there’s more
Because don't you remember behind the door

She tries to hid everywhere she goes
Because nobody wants to help; they just turn up their nose
Her life looks sort of like it is grand, wonderful ideal
But look closer and there’s a lot more to reveal
Till all the pressure was just to much
She killed herself about around lunch

Nobody talked forever that day
For they knew if they had helped she wouldn't have went away
Her friends looked down in shame
For they thought that they was to good for her; to good to ruin their fame
Feeling guilty about everything they all went to her burial
And see the girl they thought was a failure

The boy she met stood up to speak
It was so quiet; you couldn't even hear a mouse squeak
This is what he said no more no less
For he didn't want to cause a big mess

'I knew her for just a little while; just a tinny little while
But everyday I just saw behind her smile
I sat around and watched people ignore her and talk
But what did they know? That she could walk?
Her friends turned their heads when she came around
It’s like she was on a huge merry-go-round
I will miss her, probably now so will you
For you know now what made her blue
You’re probably now care because your guilt weighs you down
But I'm not going to walk around with a frown
For I actually tried to help the girl nobody knew
Maybe I was the only one or one of the few.'

The boy stepped down wiping his eyes as he left the place
Everybody saw as he left he had such sorrow on his face
That’s all I can say, for I can't go on
For the point of the story is far way gone
I'm sorry I have to be so short and brief
But the rest of the story would cause so much grief
The point of the story, I see you ask
Is to show you the pain that’s hid behind masks

It’s a sad story, once again I say
But this goes on every single passing day
This story ends, but the real one goes on
But remember this, those whose heart is set in stone
Get no where besides loving their self
That’s why love always helps
Like I said this girl's life was just a big shove
For nobody knew the matters of love

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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i love this poem its so nice!