Matthew. [[unfinished]]

You know I'd come back in a heart beat.
You know I love being with you.
You know I like holding you.
You know I love you with all my heart.

There's some days that I hate being away,
But sometimes I think,
'Isn't that a good thing? Just so I don't become so clingy? '
You said you didn't mind me being so attached,
But are you sure you don't mind?

You chuckle at my habits,
And you smirk when I do something 'cute.'
I've noticed that you watch me when I'm thinking,
I'm only wondering what you're going to say.

There's days that I just don't care,
And you're still there to make me want to.
There's times that I just want to disappear,
But I can't because you're always here.
I like it when you're around.

I like when you lay with me.
When I get all quiet,
I'm listening to you're breathing,
So I can fall asleep.

Yes, I do like your skin.
Yes, your skin is soft.
Yes, I like rubbing your back.
Yes, your shirt is frustrating.

by Shannon Nicole

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