You are my best friend
The one who holds me together
You are there for the good times
And the bad
Cheering me up
And helping me out

Even when you are having a bad day
You take the time to talk with me
To make me feel better
To save me
To love me

When things in YOUR life are bad
I want to be there for you
Like you are there for me

I would die for you
Cry for you
I'd do anything for you
Because I love you
More than life itself

There is only one time
I have regretted moving
Was when you needed me
I wanted to hold you in my arms
And make the pain go away
But I couldn't

It broke my heart
Into pieces that couldn't fix
I worry about you
Now more than ever

You say that you are ok
But I know
Deep down
You are dying
A slow and horrable death

And all I can do is
And hope that it will be ok
In the End

by Stephanie Dunajtschik

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