RF (02/09/1954 / Perth, Ontario)

May 2015 British General Election

It would appear by the results
The Scots have finally discovered
The Labour and Conservative parties
Dominated by English politicians
Have not had
Their best interests at heart
So they've elected
Members of the Scottish Nationalist Party
To represent them in Westminister
The Irish have always known the English
Never had their good at heart
And wanted no truck with them
But after 300 years
Of being in bed together
The Scots have finally discovered
The same to be true
I suppose
They'll be discovering steam next.

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Comments (2)

Ray...You are spot on with this in-your-face, bar-none assessment, which can be said for almost any country since 9-11....I am a registered United States Conservative, yet I 'd be a 2-faced, bold faced liar if I said that I have not trusted my safety, economics nor my daughters future in the hands of any of our Presidents since Ronald Reagan. who too had his flaws as all of us do...but for 8 years, people had opportunity, safety and did anyone from anywhere ever think one man could slay the Soviet Union? excellent crafting, my friend...indeed...~FjR~
Wow! That's what they are, eh? Thanks for sharing your feelings.