AR (03/29/1989 / Texas)

May 25

May 25,
The day strikes fear in my heart,
The loss of a loved one,
A friend,
A mom,
I cower in my bed,
Is this true?
Could this really of happened to me?
Is it a dream?
Can I wake up from this awful reality?
Why her?
A religious person,
Never hurt anyone,
Had a family,
Why not take someone else?
Someone who steals,
Or kills,
But why her, a beautiful and honest person,
I hate the person responsible,
Is there a god?
Obviously not he would have saved her,
He would have spared her the pain,
My pain,
My family’s pain,
I used to think highly of this person,
But now,
He is my enemy,
Someone so coldhearted
He took a sister, a mother, grandmother, And wife
I despise him
I no longer believe

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