Behind The Velvet Drapes

Your hair seemed darker,
it trailed behind you
like the llanos in the wind.
Red were your cheeks
and moist the promise of your lips.
You smiled at him, the uniform
though nothing was returned,
your passport quickly stuffed
in your breastpocket,
I will watch it sweet,
I see you through the screen
and hear my heart,
as it now bounces
in my chest, four valves
have set the tact,
in true fortissimo,
it's no more sleeps,
the thought awoke me
and the smile did soothe my heart.
I'd gladly shake the hand
of that brave captain
as he flew through storms
and fate's uncertainty
to bring you here.....
I brace myself
to catch your luscious frame
because I know....
I've felt the impact
once before,
though unprepared.
And would you interlock
behind my lumbar spine
and squeeze
just like you do
behind the velvet drapes?

by Herbert Nehrlich 2

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Comments (17)

beautiful regards sandhya
Humility can be mind awaking
All is not lost if we are true to ourselves. Excellent. Kind wishes, Sandra
May be........ Simple but beautifully expressed. Enjoyed.
We are destined. Accepting the destiny is the greatest strength.You are a specialist in short poems.
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