May...Be...A Bit Uneasy With The 'Peeps'

I can understand,
You are overwhelmed and shocked.
It only has taken,
Fourty years or more...
For the activities of this environment to sink in.

Remember when they were first brought to your attention?
And you had stated then,
My comments were too negative to mention?
And today 'my' comments seem to flow from your lips.
With a cursing done that you can not resist.

Don't you think...
Your lack of communal unity,
Is too negative to mention?
I believe your comments are a repetitive visit!
Even though you seem to have a clear grasp,
Of the lingo!

* bit uneasy,
With the 'peeps' that pop your 'pupils'.
Ya dig? *

I love the Spring.
Especially this time of the year.
Don't you?

'Peeps'? Urban slang word usage for 'people'.
Sooo, an interpretation for that line where 'peeps' is used...
Would be as such:

* 'Maybe you are a bit uneasy with the people that open your eyes.
Do you comprehend? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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