May Be Its Me.

It was just a picture of you.
Which show me the picture of love.
I’ve seen lots of beauties in live;
Even have met them too
But never have felt like I feel;
When I see your silent picture.
Though we’ve never meet in our life,
I feel like I know you better than;
You know of yourself.
I felt that heaven has send you just for me.
To complete my incomplete search.
As I’ve been wondering my whole life.
But now I’m thinking about you and me.
That you have never been thinking for yourself.
I know I’m a day dreamer and dreaming about a picture,
Of which the owner never care of my feelings.
Even don’t know me and I don’t know about her.
But her picture is everywhere I’m.
Is it me the one who’s to be blamed.
Or its you who loved to show your pictures to everyone.
May be it’s the one who made you so beautiful.

by nongpoknganba khabanganba

Comments (1)

Yes! my friend! It is often what the subject is looking at that creates that loving twinkle of life that it sounds like you have captured in your poem, of this womans image. English is not your first language, and the odd gramatical error is present in your work, but that matter not. The poem is complete in it's sentiment. 10 from Tai