May First

It is a windy first of May,
add a sky that's turning gray,
then add to that a broken heart,
and pools of tears.

It is depressing at the best,
and so distressing, I can't rest,
but, soon the moon will hide one side,
while my other side is tested.

I guess I'm fortunate today,
I've lived my life in my own way,
I've had a business,
and a credit card at Sears.

But, for now, I'll have to wait,
and leave the future up to fate,
I'll bide my time until the haze,
of this day clears.

I'll find the strength to do it right,
because I know I'll find delight,
when I've succeeded in the battle now before me.

I am sure there is no cure within today,
deep down inside I understand,
she will no longer hold my hand,
so I look forward to the second day in May.

by Barry Van Allen

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