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May God Bring Back Your Smiles
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

May God Bring Back Your Smiles

Poem By Eman Awad

There was always some thing in the way he smiles,
A smile like this can make a usless life worth while.
I'm sure that, days chased that smile constantly,
Because i don't see it any more.
You don't smile to any one; not even me,
It feels like your smile died and got soar...

Angels and stars got together,
to make you a beautiful world.
And they wished you forever,
to live happily with your girl.
I heard that wish and i knew that girl was me,
and i prayed to find you some day.
And when we met one day, constantly,
we were in love all the way.
Time tore us apart,
and when we met,
i couldn't recognize your heart,
but i'll never regret.
Because you didn't smile at me, we lost that love,
and i felt us seperated by a thousand miles,
So, i pray from my heart that,
May god bring back your smiles..

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