May Initially Hurt From The Dirt Dispersed

Once a mistreatment
Of trust has been discovered done
That's it!
All the drama in the world displayed
Is not going to restore one's faith
In that which has been mentally used to abuse

Apologies given with the asking of forgiveness
Is something one wishes when caught
That's it!
And that's all that that is
Like a roach stunned when caught
By the instant glaring of unexpected light

Apologies snapped together quickly
Rarely can be associated with sincerity
Apologies snapped together quickly
Is a quick way to remove one's burden
From a feeling of guilt
What else can it be?
An invitation to have icecream and cookies?
This is doubtful

Suspicious feelings felt
Don't overnight fade away
In fact
One's decision to sever all ties
From someone like this that lies
May initially hurt from the dirt dispersed
But, The benefit of having peace of mind
Is worth any looks from deceivers
One's willingness to be empathetic may get
And the getting rid of headaches
The moment they appear
Is therapeutic
There is nothing like submitting totally to truth
With the letting of the rest of that nonsense go

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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