May Is A Month In The Middle Of The Year…

May is a month in the middle of the year
May is a word most mothers hear: Mommy, Can I go on the potty now?
Honey, May is the word, but you’re learning how. My friend is here. Can I go out to play?
Of Course, Sweetheart, but the word is May. Gradually the lessons take root and hold
And the learners become ever so bold. May I go to town just with you
Then with my friend to the Dinosaur Zoo? May I stay out till a half past eight
‘Cause, Mother, you know it’s my very first date! May I bring home a boy I want you to know
He’s very shy but I’m sure he’ll grow! May I wear the dress you were married in?
I’m flattered! You May! You’re just as thin! May I bring the baby for you to sit?
That’d make me happy! I don’t mind a bit! And to use that word just one more time,
Mom, May I hold your hand in mine?

by Marion E. McAnear

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