May Is My Birthday....

this day is my birthday..
this may is my month birthday..
in this day i blow out my candles` forty one..
how lovely and beauty to be forty one..

whenever become an old..
my kindness become more and more..
and day by day become more lovely..
and my manliness become more too
and my force getting so more...

in this month birthday..
all Flowers going to blossom out..
and the nightingale is going to sing..
from it happiness in my birthday..
as all children too, whom are so happy in this lovely may..

a life become more beauty..
in this may..
in my birthday all the world light up, ,
my candles and shine too
even the moon will hug the earth, ,
to take it up there to sky..
and a gentle wind speard out its sweet-smelling..
the sun will joke together with the rivers, ,
which make it to sing..
all this and more..
will be in this my lovely birthday...
and Alfie become more beauty in this day...

o.. my life..
o.. my soul...
o.. my heart..
this is your birthday..
and happy birthday to me...
and wish myself a happy new may...
and to be every year more happy..
and more beauties..

happy birthday, , in my lovely may...
and all of you
, , please wish me the same..., ,

by hazem al jaber

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great poem my bday is in october