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May Nature’s Fury Soon Abate!
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

May Nature’s Fury Soon Abate!

The Hurricanes are back with renewed force;
The sea is rough and wind is blowing fierce;
The battered houses could be wrecked some more;
The shattered homes can’t start life once again.

Yet, Nature does her work incessantly;
She’s guided by the laws of Universe;
Man cannot learn her secrets anytime;
So, Nature’s furious nature, man must bear.

And no one is to blame for what happens;
These things are bound to just occur sometime;
Precautionary measures help a lot;
But none can prevent natural disasters.

Displaced are millions people every time?
Their misery cannot be ev’r fathomed;
Their brothers in the safer zones must help;
Their sisters must comfort these depressed souls.

Remember that such things can affect all;
Ones safe today could be the next victims;
So, hurry up to help the distressed souls,
And plead to God with prayers for mercy.

Implore the Master of the Universe;
His heart of love can make matters better;
Pray that His angry face must smile again;
Let mankind live in peace on planet earth.

If not for God, who can control Nature?
The Maker must protect His creature man;
But man must be more faithful to his God;
“Take care of soul and escape His just rod! ”
Copyright by Dr John Celes 9-21-2005

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