May This New Year Bring Us Closer

(N) Nascent dawn of the year benign
(E) Endowed with a string of dreams
(W) With lots of revelry and festivities

(Y) You, Me and all people of the world
(E) Embark upon a journey as gratifying
(A) As deep love and the spirit of humanity
(R) Reiterating our resolve to stay united

by Rajnish Manga

Comments (11)

Some very idealistic hopes for the New Year. People in different countries may slowly becoming more united. An inspiring poem.
Loveliest Acrostic for the NEW YEAR. I have enjoyed this brevity, thank you so much! A TEN and myriad more
A very nice poem on new year. Enjoyed it. Happy new year to you too.
A very happy and a blessed new year to you and your family. Thank you for leaving beautiful feedback on my poems, I really appreciate your kind gesture. Take care and have a blessd day.
WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! Great acrostic form of wishing new year, thanks for sharing the poem with us
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