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May We Embrace

I was taught about attraction
of like pleasure centers
inside the graffiti
on the urinals

I was told
I wasn’t welcome
in the verbal vasectomies
of the lunchroom,
the high school
written in the bathroom—

While behind the scenes,
I was getting blown
by an unbeliever
in the hell
that was
my life,
said he didn’t get my strife
and now sucks dicks
without telling his wife.

I was sucking dicks
on top of
that I had to conform
and be paralyzed;
the I’m just like you
While craving
the Merging
with girls and guys.

The razor enticed me
but I said
They won’t get
the satisfaction
of watching me go.

I’ll stay right here!
Love being Queer!
Love my brothers!
Love my sisters!
And all their bliss critters!

Let us Love
this part
of ourselves:
this attraction ambiguity,
this shadow sensuality,
this joyous journey
of the phallus
to the fantasy,
of the clitoris
to the daydream.

Cuz we are too
to demean ourselves
to an affection austerity.

May we Embrace
all that calls contact.
May we Embrace
all that we love to taste.

We are Wild Things
who don’t deserve
the obstruction
of our locker room

Let our naked bodies
Rise Up
to reclaim our Orgasms
cuz we deserve
that Feeling
of all wounds healing
and sex
ain’t got to be stealing.

We are not
our label limitations.
So go Beyond
these penetration palpitations.
Cuz so much is against us.

Condoms kicked out of the classroom.
Co-eds hijacked at the womb.
Foreskin and clits picked like mushrooms.
AIDS sending us to our tombs.
Temples that tells us we’re doomed.

But God didn’t give us
these tools of tyranny.
God gave us
the Totality
of our shining sensuality.
May we Embrace
this reality
and Celebrate
our pleasure plurality.

by paz paulsensacks

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