May We Have Your Next Lesson, Please?

Although it may seem to be contradictory.
And many may believe they are the center of it.
For some reason that is the way,
Their insignificance has been interpreted.
This is not their show to operate,
To stop and start as they wish.

No matter how many satellites,
Placed in space to orbit...
After given a boosted rocket lift!

They can claim the Sun, Moon and Stars,
To be theirs and not ours...
With a conquering of shores near and far.
They can even begin a campaign to explain,
Why it is their image and likeness imprinted...
Is all over the world in must see 3D-TV.

ALL that there 'is' IS about to show 'them'...
They are but small morsels to be eaten,
On a much bigger slice...
On even a greater 'piece' of this Cosmic pie.

And 'still' in their chemically induced minds,
They do not get it.
Not a catastrophe has clicked on the switch
After all Mother Nature has shown them,
About 'Who' and 'What' has control of 'this'.

Our Father,
Who 'Art' in Heaven.
May we have Your next lesson, please?
Many of us have attempted to respect Your wishes.
Some have failed but not given up their struggle.
We want You proud of us.

And the others?
They just don't get You at all!
They have set themselves up.
Now their backs are against,
Their own contructed walls.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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