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May You Be Happy Everyday
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May You Be Happy Everyday

Poem By Rongsheng Chen

Dear friend,
When we are
Looking to each other,
I wish
Trust and understanding
Be growing in
Both of our hearts…..

Any one of us may have unhappy times,
But never put yourself
Close in a small world,
Please allow friendship to get in,
To get into the cold place of your deep heart,
So that you can be warmed up.

Most of the time,
We are actually like kids;
So I wish you can
Sleep tenderly,
Laugh loudly,
Stare innocently,
And be intoxicated
No matter what you are doing,
Or whatever you have done,
I understand you!

Let us hold each other tight,
Dream the same dream
At the same time.

Sometimes if you feel tired,
Then don’t parade,
But take a rest,
And you’ll be ok after that rest.

Even you are made upset by the reality,
Please don’t huddle yourself up.
I know that the difficulties are temporary,
Because I have all the kind care from you.
So if you feel depressed, or unhappy,
Be sure to let me know.
I’ll share with you all my happiness,
And take half of your worries.
No matter what you have encountered on your way,
I’ll give you my fully support,
And would surely not let you dropp down.

Do you know,
When I open my eyes,
What I want to see first
Is the smile of yours.
Your happy expression,
Makes me calm and ease.

May you be happy everyday!
That is my sincere wish to you,
A friend of mine.

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