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May You Have A Blessed Christmas!
KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

May You Have A Blessed Christmas!

Soft melodoius chimes playing,
smells of spices and children praying
Stars ever-so-brightly twinkling
gentle snow flakes sprinkling,
showering the trees and creating a scenery so white
For everyone around feels the magic
on this Christmas night!

Adoring every ounce of this Christmas blessing,
finding total comfort in the warmth of nesting,
Joyous smiles across the miles and seas
unlocking the hearts all around and
throwing away the keys!

Angelic voices fill the spirits of those untouched,
creating a sense of being missed so much!
Bringing forth those who are lost,
instantly reassuring there isn't any cost!

Babies finding new homes all around,
mommy's and daddy's miraculously abound!
Families becoming re-united again
asking for forgiveness for all their sins!

Answered prayers being all around
being recognized,
People indulging in cheerful tears
and sweet sweet cries!

Dreams of the past; finally at last,
may you all spread the gracious love
from our Heavenly Father above!
Remembering what Christmas is all about,
caring of others and turning every pout
and frown upside down!

Touching the lives of those around and
even more of those far away,
Creating tender memories and sharing
His glorious stories all a' day!

Taking in every precious blessing given
and praising God for making Christmas feel like heaven!
Joyful and triumphant we all are,
regardless of how we recieved our scar!

In the eyes of God there is no such thing as 'Time',
and He will forgive those who ask to recieve,
Regardless of the seriousness in our crime!

I pray right now in Jesus' name that
all will have a blessed holiday,
And your homes will be filled with peace and love to stay!
That you won't forget the importance of your life,
That all your worries will be replaced and
that He will ease all your strife!

Merry Christmas to you all and
Have a Happy New year too,
these words were created
from my heart to you!

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Wish i wrote music...Gorgeous work here, young Poetess K.... Eloquent doesen't quite do it justice....Divine and graced..now that be a tad more apropos, my dear...MERRY CHRISTMAS! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' FRANKSTER ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Awww Kristin, you are such a sweetie! ! ! Lovely poem for a season of miracles, and hope you find some miracles of your own along the way... great you are here spreadin' the love! ! ! Thank you, and Merry Christmas if I don't get to talk to you! Lee