Blue Tits

Of Nature old memories does remain as a source of joy
Blue tits I remember from when I was a boy
In groves and on hedgerows them I used to see
The past in the now it is living in me

Blue cap and neck, back, wings and tail and under pale yellow and white
For small birds they do have a big appetite
Fruit, nuts, insects and spiders and other tiny things they do eat
And cream off of the top of milk bottles to them a tasty treat

Seven to thirteen eggs the female lay in a cup shaped nest in a wall cavity or a hole in a tree
White with reddish dots they raise a big family
The male helps her raise the young and the nesting site defend
At this time even other blue tits they do not treat as a friend

Of human beings blue tits they are never shy
They are never that wary of humans to them nearby
And in most European Countries blue tits are well known
One can say of them they have ways of their own.

Blue tits I remember from the long ago
Before time that rusts iron did become my foe
Good memories today of them I does retain
And when I visit the past I do see them again.

by Francis Duggan

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