TGC (16 November / Westport New Zealand)

A Kiss

A kiss is lovers' lips tenderly meeting,
their hearts fast musically beating,
in the meantime,
their minds beautifully shrinking,
hands tightly clasped or grabbing
the heavenly bulging seating,
on the female lover's face
the male lover preys on, indulging
the legs weak and trembling
or, at times
like chains, tied, and mingling,
heartfelt feelings and passions
like a sleeping volcano erupting,
Americans do the face sucking,
The French do it deep and proper,
others may do it shit and improper,
Don Juans kiss in haste,
like a quick copy and paste.
yes a quick copy paste,
with the previous lovers' taste! ! !

by Ali Rahimi

Comments (9)

Unique. Informative. Inspiring. Enjoyed your creative style. Bravo.
This is a magnificent write on the life of Maya Angelou. I really learned a lot of things I must admit that I did not know. An extremely courageous woman was she. A phenomenal write on a phenomenal women. Well done.
thz is the best poem
thz is the best poem
i thinl she did good to
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