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To Be Genuinely Free

Be genuinely free! ! !
Itunumi Solace.

I put on my rugged coat
Knot my torn ties
And roll out on my shoes with hoes,sashaying into the serenades......

I do not have all that I want, I do not want to be the man,hiding in the glass house afraid to open his doors,for fear of people.

Every morning I wake up,seeking for who needs happiness,hoping to make someone smile, for this reason have been stuck in one single route,
I do not pile up treasures like the rich,
I do not live in castles, I always want to hit the rock,

Happiness, is the name I carry
I want genuine smile, I want wide laughter,
I want the world to say oh yes he's gone mad again, I found this in the streets,
I found this in a world with no ambition...

I am a man with no ambition,
I am a man with no dreams,
I am a man who has everything but no vision,
All this won't let me live life,
A man with dreams, ambition, or vision has a price,
But a man who want nothing has no price,
How can I be bought....
All I wanted is freedom,
From the icy hands of time.

For my priceless moments cost me so much world prices,
I am the comfort in times of distress,
The smokeless fire that rises still after dawn
I am the poor child who's happy for the world is all mine.
I have nothing to lose nor anything to gain
I just want to live in the moment,
I don't need love, for the love in me is much more than I could survive with.

I am free from flicks from framed foes.
Free! !
Free! !

by Kareem Itunu Azeez

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