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Maybe there is no GOD
Maybe there is just you and me,
Just think, out there could be nothing
Now! I just want to believe.

Maybe there is no heaven
Maybe there is no hell,
When we die, that's it, it's over
Then only in memories, will we ever prevail.

Just think! there could be nothing
No one out there to pray to or to protect us,
And no one to judge me, or to convict you
So, who would we bow to or confess.
When we die, are we dead forever?
If we have no life or an everlasting soul
So, why should we care about our acts or our sins
What then? is a poor person's goal.

Maybe there is no celestial light
Maybe there is no heavenly choir,
When we close our eyes, is there only black!
And for us? will no one care! or even inquire.

Maybe there is no GOD
Maybe there is no hereafter,
Perhaps we all are here by accidents
And when we die, then we will hear the laughter.

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