Kiss Me Slowly

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Kissing is an art, one most master
Kissing slowly is better than faster

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me tenderly
Kiss me sweetly

Kiss me on the lips
Down to my finger tips

Delicately sample my nipples
Kiss it, tease it, rather simple

When done right, let me be precise
Kissing itself can be rather very nice

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me tenderly
Kiss me sweetly

Kiss my body inch by inch
Till it tickles and starts to flinch

Kiss me in the left and right ear
Whisper sweet words of passionate care

Kiss me by the neck
With little kisses called pecks

Kiss me hungrily in the mouth
Hear my groaning delicious shouts

Kiss me below and yonder
Till my juices begin to ponder
And turn on fire with desire

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me tenderly
Kiss me sweetly
Kiss me once, twice, thrice
Oooo! These kisses are very nice

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

Comments about Kiss Me Slowly

ilove kissing too now don't thank me here read my lovely poems will you MOMS SMILES TO START OFF WITh Thanlk Q
slowly, and tenderly lips knows the kiss need a soft touch
I love to be inspired by kisses what a wonderful poem
This poem is fantabulous one. I feel the warmness of a sweet kiss when I read the poem... so and romantic lines....
I agree. Kisses are wonderful when it is done slowly like fire catching a wet towel.

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