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True love, a story I’ve heard so many times of.
Stories of a man and a woman with a gift from above.
This feeling is as the say, electrifying
But somehow it’s become so petrifying.
Your hand was the one I reached for
When it seemed life shut its door.
The music of your voice
Would seal my heart’s choice.
Your eyes became my lantern through life’s night
Revealing life’s bark could be worse than its bite.
But now we’ve lost focus and let go!
This pain inside me brought me to valleys so low.
On the highest mountain, life was so grand.
Who knew it would crumble into grains of sand?
I loved you! I needed you! You were my everything!
But ignorance and stubbornness made us nothing.
Love can become a fire that cannot be tamed
Consuming us both and making us lame.
Resulting in the shattering of each others’ hearts
And in the end, tearing lives apart.
As we kneel to clean up this mess of us two,
I look at my pieces and there’s a reflection of you.
You have done so much and mean a lot to my life
And seeing you leave causes so much strife.
Maybe we can carry on; maybe you can take my hand one more time.
Maybe be a light in life’s night again.
Maybe, with your voice, mend this heart of mine.

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