Doors under way are left unopened,
shattered secrets left unspoken.

Windows closed and shut so tight,
trying to find the hopeful light.

Angels may be among the believing,
But what about the young and deceiving.

Forgotten ones distant longed,
finding the way to where they belong.

People say they listen,
but people have no ear,

They won’t hear my problems,
because they have no idea.

Them who don’t shed any tears,
is because they live without fear.

Having a daddy to hold you,
how about the ones that are never there for you.

by Paige Thomas

Comments (2)

Well deserving a ten, excellent ink job, Paige, My praise extends to you..
Enlightening. I feel for you if this is from experience, and am still impressed if it is not. Your words are electric. Effie. xx