Last Night I Dreamed Of Chickens

Poem By Jack Prelutsky

We, both at home, alone...
Watching spongebob, on the phone.
She wants to be with me..
she repeats over and over again..
telling me how much she likes me..
again and again.

With the conversation that makes me weak..
I start to think, I might just fall for her..
We might have our fights every now and then,
but who doesnt?

She makes me feel like I'm the only guy in the world..
only guy she'll ever fall in love with..
her jokes are mean.. but I love it..

She knows how to push my buttons,
but doesnt kno when to stop..

She just got her ways.. to better my day..

She wants to bring new memories..
help me forget the past..
she is with me all the way..
hand in hand..
Maybe I part of me.. is startin to like her..

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