Maybe I Am A Bit Overly Protective

Okay, okay, okay!
I admit it.
I hid my ambitions.
Secretly I kept wishes to succeed,
To myself.
I got little sleep...
Desiring to perfect my gifts.
I exposed other talents,
As a means to distract.
To keep my chosen path,
Protected from their attacks.
I beg of you.
Let them go.
I am the guilty one.
They had no clue as to 'why'
I used them the way I did.
Release them.
Release my pad and pen!
I am the one to find at fault here!

'Mister Pertillar?
Have you been drinking?
Or smoking weed perhaps?
This is a standard procedure.
Every passenger is requested,
To empty their pockets of 'all' valuables...
Before boarding the plane.
Do you travel often? '

And what is that suppose to mean?
Of course!
I have a monthy 'bus pass'.
Of course I travel.
Maybe I am a bit overly protective.
And in need of some rest.
And NO!
I am more sober than you are.
May I have my things, please!
You folks are getting too personal.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Hey, pal - and yes! we're looking at YOU. So, happy New Year. Take the bus. You know what I mean, right? Klaatu barada nikto! (wink) Seriously, I enjoyed this very much. - Will