Maybe I Did It Wrong

Poem By Victoria Lee

Maybe I did it wrong, but I’m
Scared to take this risk … I thought
I missed it.

So I quivered like a crying baby. To the
Sound that has no body. Sorry to
Babble on like this, I’m just tired of
This hunger that never seems to

UGH. I’m stuffing my face. So shameful,
I didn’t know that I was so starved.
And yet I regret nothing. The sound that
Has no body stop. I’ve forgotten about
It. And in its silence, it shown me it’s
Batter self

My head hurts. That’s not good enough.
I should faint. From something
Anonymous. Oh how cowardly is that…
Stop crying.the humming is annoying
And yet so, so comforting.

I’m talking to no one, my audience
Is no one. Not even you. Such a horrible
Ending to a horrible poem

Comments about Maybe I Did It Wrong

don't be too carried's a good poem actually.
This is scary... you had me riveted, and horrified at the same time. Powerful stuff.
You've got an audience, here, victoria, and you've got a way with your pen, that's for sure - go on, keep writing! :)

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